Cranial Osteopathy

practitioners - Bevis Nathan and Samuel Maddock


This is a particular approach to osteopathic treatment that uses light touch to detect and modify subtle body movement and energy patterns. These patterns, rhythms or movements are basic to living tissue and can become altered during illness and accidents. ‘Energy patterns’ may seem like an odd phrase. But all life is, in essence, energy and its movement. Modern physics has demonstrated this. Changes in energy patterns show themselves up in the body as areas where there is more or less vitality, movement, fluid-flow, warmth or feeling.


A well-trained Osteopath will feel these imbalances and – this is the key - help the body resolve them, restoring good health to the whole body. Although very subtle, it is a very powerful form of treatment.


It’s called ‘Cranial’ Osteopathy because the movement patterns are most clearly felt in the head. But they can be felt over the whole body.



What are the effects?


The effects are the same as any other good osteopathic treatment; to release areas of restriction, improve movement and blood flow, and, especially, settle nerve function, leaving you feeling more comfortable and better in your self. This encourages the natural process of self-healing.



In our practice, we use the cranial approach in three main areas:


  • babies and children for a wide variety of different problems, ranging from infantile colic and unexplained crying, childhood asthma, through glue-ear, to so-called ‘growing pains’ (growing shouldn’t hurt!).

  • acute pain

  • stress, anxiety and trauma-related symptoms.


However, some patients request it because they prefer it to the more usual, mechanical kind of osteopathy.