practitioner - Christine Jensen


The benefits of massage have been known and talked about for hundreds, if not thousands of years.


Regular massage can: -


        reduce stress, calm and soothe


        help relieve muscular tension and general aches and pains


        stabilise heart-rate and blood pressure.


        improve circulation of the blood and its vital nutrients.


        work as a detox.


        promote feelings of well being and connectedness


        stimulate the release of endorphins (the feel-good, pain relieving chemicals).


Massage can help us become more present, more aware of being in your body. And it can help us remember that this is a wonderful thing!

Above all, It feels wonderful to be touched and nurtured by therapeutic hands.


"I love giving and receiving massage. I rate it as one of the most profoundly healing and pleasing therapies there is, and I use it in conjunction with Somatic Experiencing and Cranio Sacral Therapy or as a complete modality on its own." Christine Jensen